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Lithuania signs Government Security Program contract with Microsoft Corporation

Created: 2018.05.11 / Updated: 2018.05.11 22:05
    Lithuania signs Government Security Program contract with Microsoft Corporation

    On May 8, Lithuania signed a Government Security Program (GSP) contract with one of the world’s largest software and hardware manufacturers, Microsoft Corporation.

    “As Lithuania continues to strengthen its cyber security, we need to have access to as many information sources as possible, especially concerning software products that are used by a significant part of our state institutions and citizens. At the same time we are strengthening international cooperation and developing a solid public-private partnership,” Vice Minister of National Defence Edvinas Kerza said during the visit in the United States.

    The contract was signed by the Vice Minister of National Defence E. Kerza on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and by the General Manager of Government for the Worldwide Public Sector at Microsoft Corporation Mr. Tim Turitto at the Microsoft Corporation Office in Reston, Virginia.

    “Crime is experiencing the same digital transformation as lawful business as technology fuels innovations in cybercrime. Last year clearly showed the whole world what happens when organizations do not pay enough attention to their cyber security. When we are talking about public sector, there is no room for error, so we are very happy to provide Ministry of Defense with solutions that guard against both known and unknown threats and help Lithuania to be more prepared for any potential cyber security threats”, says Renate Strazdina, acting Country Manager of Microsoft Lithuania.

    According to Vice Minister Kerza, the agreement will give Lithuanian governmental agencies direct access to the information managed and research conducted by Microsoft on vulnerabilities and cyber threats, as well as major products and specialised programme code for the purpose of accreditation.

    “Cooperation with one of the world’s largest IT companies will shorten our response lag time – as the swift information exchange will make addressing cyber security issues much more efficient,” E. Kerza underscored.

    Lithuania’s participation in the Government Security Program does not entail any expense, nor does it require to have a product purchase agreement with Microsoft. 28 other countries have similar governmental contracts with Microsoft.

    Information by the Ministry of National Defence

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