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Lithuania shares its experience in countering disinformation

Created: 2018.10.09 / Updated: 2018.10.09 19:45
      Lithuania shares its experience in countering disinformation
      Lithuania shares its experience in countering disinformation

      The Embassy of Lithuania together with Sweden, UK and US company Twitter co-sponsored the Atlantic Council's second Global Forum on Strategic Communications and Digital Disinformation. The Forum was held on October 2-4 in Washington, DC, with one of the sessions taking part at Lithuanian Embassy. Lithuanian Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor Arnoldas Pikžirnis spoke about Lithuania's experience in countering state-sponsored propaganda during the Forum. 

      ‘Democratic states must have a comprehensive strategy to combat disinformation. We need to focus more and take action to deter potential attacks of disinformation in the future’, said A. Pikžirnis.

      ‘Lithuania has many years of experience in recognising and resisting to the disinformation coming from the Kremlin. Our society itself has taken actions to debunk fake news and coordinated information attacks from abroad. Lithuania-born elves movement or the media and experts initiative has greatly contributed the overall regional resilience as regards the outside propaganda’, noted adviser to Prime Minister.

      Arnoldas Pikžirnis pointed out other hybrid threats too, including investments in strategic economic sectors, which may well be driven by political not only economic agendas. He noted the need for a comprehensive strategy in the fight against disinformation and other hybrid threats, which would prevent interference with our internal policies and protect our societies, lest we have another "salisbury".

      The representatives of 13th governments gathered at Lithuanian Embassy on October 4 for a session "Combating Malign Information Operations." The session sought to identify government-based solutions to combat malign disinformation. During the session Viceminister of Defence Edvinas Kerza presented the threats of using unlawfully acquired personal data for disinformation and other purposes of malign intent.

      It has been the second year in a row for the Atlantic Council to hold this Strategic Communications and Digital Disinformation involving members of the US Congress, administration officials, foreign strategic communications leaders, media, experts and academic community. This year, private companies such as Facebook or Twitter have also joined the Forum.

      On the sidelines of the Forum, Lithuanian civil society representatives Giedrius Sakalauskas and Viktorras Daukšas presented the phenomenon of elfes and the project "Debunk" ( - both are the initiatives of Lithuania's civil society in countering and debunking malign disinformation.

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