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Created: 2014.02.19 / Updated: 2019.12.02 08:11
Charge for processing of a visa application 66
Charge for the processing of a visa application for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Armenia 38
Issuance / change of Passport or Personal Identification Card 110
Issuance of certificate of repatriation (temporary travel document) 22
Processing documents for Lithuanian citizenship 55
Processing renunciation of citizenship 66
Processing documents for the certificate of retention of the right to citizenship 27
Request of documents 22
Composition of power of attorney / testament 55
Certification of power of attorney / testament 33
Issuance of consular certificate 33
Certification of copies and extracts (per page) 11
Certification of signature 11
Certification of translation (per page) 33
Legalization of documents 22
Issuance of certificate of birth, marriage, divorce, change of name 22
Processing of applications for temporary residence 110
Issuance of the Temporary Passport 55

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