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Health Insurance

Created: 2014.02.20 / Updated: 2014.03.20 11:00

To fullfill health insurance requirements for Lithuanian/Schengen visa, you have to provide either a letter from your insurance company or buy a new policy from an international insurance company. In any case, the following shall be indicated in your new health insurance policy or the letter from your insurance company:

  • Number of health insurance contract (policy).
  • That you are covered for medical, hospitalization and repatriation expenses.
  • Particulars of the insurance undertaking (name, address of registered office, telephone or fax number).
  • Full name of the insured person.
  • The amount of health insurance.
  • Duration of health insurance contract (policy).
  • Territorial coverage of health insurance contract (policy).
  • Non-insured events.

The minimum amount of health insurance in respect of a single alien shall be:

  • EUR 30 000 ($45000), in case of issuing a short-term visa (C). No deductibles!
  • LTL 20 000 (8000$), where she arrives to the Republic of Lithuania without a visa or in case of issuing airport transit (A) or long-term (D) visa or a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania.

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