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Created: 2014.01.31 / Updated: 2019.01.11 20:43

Before coming to Lithuania, try to answer to yourself what you wish to see and do here. Despite being a relatively small country, Lithuania has much to offer to a visitor, from many types of leisure activities and entertainment to a wide list – of around 1000 – of sightseeing objects. Therefore, we recommend you try to see more of the country, not just its principal towns.

You will see that the condition of roads is truly good here for travelling by car or that you can reach practically any place of the country by train or bus. Try to stop off at UNESCO and national heritage sites, visit different ethnographic regions, taste authentic meals, stop by valuable cultural and architectural sites and museums, have a walk in parks, enjoy the beauty of landscape dotted with lakes and rivers.

We have much to offer also to those who prefer spending their leisure time actively. They can take a canoe down a fast-flowing river or make a bicycle tour of the country, go hang- or motor-gliding or fly on board of a hot air balloon.

Citizens of 78 states do not need visas to come here, yet some of them must hold diplomatic, service, special or biometric passports. Therefore, before coming, be sure to find out if a visa is required and how it can be obtained.

Before and during your stay in Lithuania, take a minute to learn some key phrases in the Lithuanian language and do not forget such important information as speed limits applicable on country roads, how to find addresses and routes, how to call a trusted taxi and how to seek assistance and obtain required information.

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